Lumberjanes vol 2. -Stevenson, Ellis, Watters, Allen, Laiho

Hello bookish friends,

I managed to pick up Lumberjanes vol 2 with a part of a gift card I got for Christmas and I am so glad I picked it up. This series is so quirky and fun. It is full of mystery and cuteness. Friendship is also a prominent feature within this series. I cannot get enough of all the different personalities and weird developments within the characters that we get throughout this comic.

It is certainly a good younger reader comic too as it is all magical and about friendship and working together. I would highly reccomend if you are looking for something that is on the lighter side of comics which would make you smile. Also, the art in this is absolutely fantastic, It makes it so much more engaging. I can also now tell the Art style apart from other comics as Nimona also has the same artist.

I really want to pick up the next one soon, but I’ll now have to wait as I have already bought my allotted books for this month.

As always, Happy reading,

Korie xx


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