Christmas haul part 2

Hello bookish friends,

I ended up acquiring a few more books with my Christmas giftcard recently and that used up the last of the money that was on there.

  1. Pages and CO no 1. Tilly and the Bookwanderers – Anna James
  2. Enchantment of Ravens – Margaret Rogerson
  3. The Bookshop girl – Sylvia Bishop
  4. The Cruel Prince – Holly Black

I chose most of these books from recommendations from my friend/colleague as my bookshop didn’t have the books in that I really wanted. I also have no self-control so I had to buy books. I really wanted Pages and Co though and I had requested a copy to review from work but there wasn’t enough available for me to have one. I am very glad I have it now. I have also been putting off buying The Cruel Prince as I wanted to finish the Throne of Glass series first and let that settle before I dive into another Fae centred book. However, I was convinced by my friend to get it as she rates it highly.

As always, Happy reading xx

Korie x


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