Christmas Haul

Hello bookish friends,

I received a few books and a gift card for Christmas and I wanted to share them with you.

  1. The secret history – Donna Tartt

I keep seeing this book at work and wanting to pick it up but It wasn’t something I desperately wanted. I was really glad that I got given this for Christmas and I’m interested to see how i like this book.

I got a few of the Disney villains books for Christmas that has been released recently

2. Poor unfortunate soul – Serena Valentino (Ursula)

3. Fairest of all – Serena Valentino  (Evil Queen)

4. Mistress of all evil – Serena Valentino (Maleficent)

5. The Beast Within – Serena Valentino (The Beast)

I also received a gift card for Waterstones and as I work there I can get twice the amount for the money on the gift card. I ended up picking up two books with a part of the amount on the card.

6. Lumberjanes vol 2. – Stevenson, Ellis Watters, Allen

7. Sleeping Giants – Sylvain Neuvel

These are all the books that I got for Christmas ( I also have more money on the gift card for when I find something I want)

As always, Happy reading




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