Empire Of Storms – Sarah J. Maas (Spoilers) Review

Hello Bookish Friends,

holy gods. That book was intense, I blushed, grimaced, laughed, cried for joy and mourned throughout this book. The ending broke me but also gave me hope for the ending of this series. I gleefully squealed as everyone came in to support Aelin at the end. It also helped with the order in which I read the books. So I started with Throne of Glass, Then I read Crown of Midnight and Queen of Shadows. After that, I then picked up The Assasins Blade and followed it with Empire of storms. I think having this read of The Assasins blade certainly helped me love the characters more and have it fresh in my mind when everyone converged in this book.

There are so many thoughts that I have toward this book. Some of them are directed toward the plots of both the throne of glass series and A court of series. They are very similar in many aspects and obviously, there is some connection between the worlds they reside in. I am very glad that I read all of A court series before I even thought about starting Throne of Glass though. Otherwise, my opinions may have been skewed a little.

Aelin is now married and trapped in an iron box, whipped and half naked. That was horrible to endure. I listened to most of this book via Audiobook and I think that is what made the novel flow a lot more as there were so many different perspectives throughout this book. However, I did give up and read the last 80 pages in my physical copy because the audio version was not quick enough and If I raised the speed any more I wouldn’t have been able to understand what the voice was saying.

As always, happy reading

Korie xx



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