Empire Of Storms Update (Spoilers)

Hello bookish friends,

Well, Empire of Storms is working out to be a wonderful book. I am now just over halfway through the book and finally, Alein and Rowan have had sex. That was two and a half books in the making. However, I was not expecting the scene when it happened so I was on the way to work listening to the audiobook on the bus. Then the scene happened and ‘holy gods’ I was staring straight ahead out of the bus hoping that no one could head what I was listening to through my headphones. Yes, I could have stopped listening but I’m trying to do the tome topple which with work in the way my bus journey is the only real time apart from my lunch break that I get to do any kind of solid reading. There are so many things that have happened within this novel and it gripped me straight back into the world of Sarah J Maas. I am also not that sure about Tower Of Dawn because I have to read that next but I have also heard that a lot of people felt that way until they read it. I know I need to read it and a lot of context/ lead up to the next book is within that book so It may become another audiobook listen.

I also do have all the physical copies of these books. I just find that until I can completely immerse myself in the world again an audio book makes me listen more intently. Otherwise, I am overwhelmed by the sheer size of some of the books.

However, I am loving all the different perspectives I am getting throughout Empire Of Storms and how much each part is valuable to the storyline. Manon and Dorian will be an interesting paring.

As always, happy reading



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