Hobbledown – A J Kecojevic

Hello bookish friends,

I visited a place a few weeks ago with my family and It was so cute. My brothers really enjoyed themselves as it is basically a farm with an indoor and outdoor play area and many other activities. It is based in a world called Hobbledown and as we were leaving the place I realised that there was a book written called Hobbledown written to show the magical story of this place we visited.

As a bookseller and book lover, I could not leave without picking it up and I was really glad I did as now I am reading it a few weeks later I am reminiscing and remembering what a great time we had with lots of giggles and fun. It’s not the best written or thought out, however, it is a great souvenir for someone who visits the site and wants something more than a small gift that will get lost within a few months. This entices children and brings them into the world as they can believe that they have been to the world of Hobbledown.

I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars however I did enjoy such a quick read. Also, the illustrations are fantastic in this book. It reminds me of some drawings in a few editions of Peter and Wendy/ Peter Pan. This book is full of magic, mystery and intrigue. Perfect for a short adventure into the world of small creatures, made up words and rhyming.

as always, happy reading

Korie xx


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