Almost Midnight – Rainbow Rowell

Hello bookish friends,

Almost Midnight was a really cute bind-up of two novella’s that were both originally published for other things. Kindred spirits was originally a book for world book day.

Synopsis (goodreads)

Midnights is the story of Noel and Mags, who meet at the same New Year’s Eve party every year and fall a little more in love each time . . .

Kindred Spirits is about Elena, who decides to queue to see the new Star Wars movie and meets Gabe, a fellow fan.


I thought the two stories were cute, nothing special and they were certainly quick reads. I love Rainbow Rowell as an Author, however, I probably would not pay £6.99 for this set of novella’s as it is certainly too short. I could get a whole novel for that money. I bought this through my work and got a discount so I didn’t mind picking it up.

I really enjoyed Kindred Spirits as I really like Star Wars and the friendship that develops is really cute. However I think I needed more from almost midnight, the only thing I can really say about that one is that it’s cute. There is no other plot or character development that pulled me in to make it a good novella.

If you are like me and enjoy Rainbow Rowell then you would probably like this book, however, if not I don’t think it’s worth picking up for the price that it retails at in most bookstores.

As always, happy reading

Korie xx


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