Overview of Amelia Fang as a series…

Hello bookish friends,

I cannot get over how good these books look together. The colours and illustrations are so nice! also, all of the edges of the books are sprayed with the colour that the book is (orange, purple and green) These look great on a shelf together and also they create a pretty face out.


I am really glad that I have now got the series and that there will be more in the coming months/years to this series. Series like these give me hope or children’s literature and books in general. It is a diverse reading experience as a lot of children like the spooky aspect to books. These books are also placed in the 5 to 8 age range which is perfect for developing minds.

A lot of children’s books portray ghosts, witches, grim reapers and many other things as bad beings (apart from books like the worst witch and other books of a similar nature). These books are refreshing to see them as the good guys and the heroes of the stories. A lot of children’s books have a magical element to them but these books are so cute I just cannot get enough.

As always, happy reading

Korie xx


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