Amelia Fang and the Unicorn Lords

Hello bookish friends,

the second instalment of Amelia Fang was just as good as the last. I loved all the characters and the silly adventures they get up to. The illustrations were fantastic just like the last book and I still love the pet pumpkin squashy.

I loved how the author played on the stereotypes of the characters in this book making the creatures of the night and the creatures of the day fear each other. However, when they start working together the creatures of the night realise that each of them isn’t so bad after all. All of the spooky references like dungeons and daymares made me smile so much as it references things that are in the real world.

The unicorns being full of themselves while the ladybirds being a way of communication was great! it was a very unique take on the normal stereotypes in the world of Amelia Fang. I’m hoping to move onto the next book very quickly as I already picked it up from work.

This series of books is great for the halloweeny festive season!

as always, happy reading

korie x


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