Children’s books…

Hello Bookish friends,

I have picked up a few more children’s books recently and it has made me understand why I studied Children’s Literature at university for my masters. I love helping people find what they need in a book and that is especially prominent among children and teenagers. The books they choose can shape their reading lives and have a meaningful impact on how they enjoy books. If a child picks up a book they don’t like they may never pick up another book again. However, if you listen to what a child likes and can understand them then a good book recommendation can mean the world. I have been recommending a lot of books recently and talking to a lot of different people about books. The most honest book lovers are ones that read something when they were growing up and now are passing it down to their children or grandchildren. Most of the time it is a book they were read when they were younger.ย  I love seeing a child again after recommending a book to them and finding out whether they liked it or not. Then the excitement they feel is directed back at me so then I can help them find something else and find the genre they love to read.

I also requested an arc of a children’s book from work and it came through. Thank you to Walker books for the copy.

Dragon Post – Emma Yarlett

This book is so sweet and I fell in love with the illustrations within. The characters names made me chuckle especially P.Nickety and P.Dantic. It suits a dual audience (adults and children) very well as I’m sure it would be read by both children and adults reading to children. I hope it will be loved by many people, this book is something that can stick with someone for a lifetime and even though it may not be everyone’s cup of tea it is lovely to know that someone in the world will cherish this book.

as always, happy reading xx

Korie xx


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