No More Plastic – Martin Dorey

Hello bookish friends,

I had such a cosy day, it was raining and cold but I decided to get out of my bed and head out to go grocery shopping. It made me wet and not so happy but in the long run it was better because I now have food for the week. While doing this I decided to pick up a new book as my housemates and I have started to become a lot more conscious of our plastic use and waste.

This book was the perfect read for a rainy day as it was quick and really informative. It would also be a great travel book as it is so short. I learnt so many new things from this book and it has made me look at my life with plastic in a new light. I am so happy I picked up this book as it has encouraged me to pick up more books and also given me a new perspective on my life. It was such a simple book with such an impactful message!

As it says in the book sometimes it is not about cutting out all the plastic in our lives, it sometimes is about just reducing the amount of plastic we use and how we use it. These tips to help reduce plastic are great within the book and something that I will certainly take on board.

As always, happy reading

Korie xxx


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