Feeling Overwhelmed

Hello Bookish Friends,

An honest talk here about my reading progress over the last month. Before I started my new job I was receiving ARCs for review which was brilliant! However, I found it all very exciting and I just requested everything. My reading pile then skyrocketed and I had no idea how I was going to read all the new books that I acquired. I also felt like there was a deadline to be met because all the arc’s needed to be read and reviewed by a certain date. This became my first hurdle. I also had a lot of things going on that I needed to prioritise over reading. So my reading was a little lax over that period, however, I then started my new job this came with its own hurdle as I was surrounded by books every day. Every time I walked past a shelf I noticed another few books I wanted to pick up. This became hard because I was buying books I have wanted for ages as I now have staff discount.

This again increased my TBR pile and It was becoming out of hand. Then I started requesting books from publishers through my job and I again increased my reading pile. I also have my work wanting me to read the reading copies of books they acquire for the month. All of this comes with a ridiculous amount of pressure as I used to enjoy reading a lot more.

At one point my TBR was down to 73 but now it has crept back up to 114 and that includes me reading all the way through. So within a month, I have acquired 45 new books since the 15th August. out of those books I have only read 6 books and that is a ridiculous amount.

I am trying to get back into reading for pleasure but It is very hard to get back home after a long day and still want to read without feeling the pressure creeping up. However, I am still pushing through even if it takes me a little longer than normal.

As always, happy reading

Korie xxx


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