Rain, Cake and Books

Hello Bookish Friends,

I really enjoyed my day off of work and I caught up on everything I needed to do. This included waking up to the sound of rain and feeling very cosy in bed. I stayed like this for a long while and caught up with some Booktubers and also read for a little while. I love rainy days where you do not have to leave the house as it gives you an excuse to stay in and curl up to read a book.

I decided that I would also catch up on some personal things and emails I needed to do while I had the time and it was so lovely just to take the day slow and relax. This included also baking a Coffee and Walnut cake which turned out to be delicious! This is the perfect accompaniment to a rainy day with a cup of tea and a book.

I ended up finishing Never World Wake in my cosy day and I felt an accomplishment that I had been productive with reading and slowly cutting down my TBR again. I have stayed in my PJs all day with a jumper put on top and I have loved it. My housemates were also happy with my baking today which is always a plus.

I cleaned my room and made it all cosy so it was the perfect place to read and listen to the rain while feeling relaxed.

As always, Happy reading xxx

Korie x


One thought on “Rain, Cake and Books

  1. All the ingredients that make a day perfect can be found in this post people. Let this comment be the invitation to all the readers out there.
    This brought a smile. I often take leaves from work to read.
    Have a nice day!


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