Never World Wake – Marisha Pessl

Hello bookish friends,

Another review for you and I don’t really know where to start. Never World Wake was a good read and I did like it but for me, it was slightly average. The atmosphere, suspense and initial reaction to this book were so good. However, I think the end let me down a little as I didn’t have the emotional connection I thought I would have done throughout this novel.

The themes in this book are fantastic, dealing with grief, suicide, murder, drugs and a variety of other things. However, I still feel like there was something missing from the overall engagement of the story. I originally picked this up because it was hyped on booktube and also because the UK cover is absolutely stunning. I put all my other TBR books on hold to pick this one up as I had really high expectations.

This book gave me Pretty Little Liars vibes while also being like a lot of other YA books that I have read around the same sort of genre. I rated this 3/4 stars because it just didn’t hit the right note for me at the end. The rest of the book was great and the ideas behind it were fantastic.

It was suspenseful and full of twists and turns so I was never bored while reading it. I just didn’t get the wow factor from the ending and that saddens me a little. I also can understand why this book is rated highly in other peoples opinions and ratings. The grief aspect of this book is wonderfully heartbreaking and understandable.

As always, happy reading xxx

Korie x


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