All about balance

Hello bookish friends,

Since starting my full-time job at a bookstore I haven’t had that much time to read believe it or not. I have been so tired after work so the only time I really have to read now is within my lunch break and on my days off. This means that it is taking me longer to read books which is a new experience for me. I am used to having chunks of time in my day to sit down and read a book. Despite this when I get home and have my time to read I am normally exhausted.

I try and read as much as I can but I have now realised that I want to read for pleasure rather than skimming through a book just to complete it in the same amount of time I would normally. This means I have slowed down my pace of reading. I was having so much anxiety about reading my books and finishing them in a set time that I just want to enjoy it.

I love working at my bookstore and It has bought a lot more experiences to the table for me. I just need to find the balance between personal work and reading life now. I think that will take some time. However, I did help run an event for Joe Wicks on the 22nd September which was good. He came and signed some books in my bookstore.

I am still trying to keep up with blogging, reading, personal life, housemates, work and family at the moment and balancing will certainly be nice soon. I need to prioritise some things over others but also manage to not let work overtake everything.


As always, happy reading xxx


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