New tv stand/bookshelf

Hello bookish friends,

Recently I moved house and with a new house comes new challenges for where to put books. In a previous post, I mentioned about having my books on my windowsill but I knew that couldn’t be a permanent home for them as in the winter there would be condensation to deal with on the window. I didn’t want to risk damaging my books in any way with not knowing the new house and how leak proof the windows are in the winter.

Because of this, I decided that I would bring a bookcase up from my family home to put books on. I knew that would take a little while as I would need help bringing it up to my new house and my parents have the only big car which would fit it in. They are not able to travel up to my new house for a while and I just didn’t like the look of my books on the windowsill as it didn’t feel that homely to me. However, I stuck with it until one of my friends came over and It was awkward watching tv on my laptop while it was on my desk.

I then came to the conclusion that I had a big enough space at the end of my bed to fit a tv stand there. I could then bring my tv up from my family home where it is being stored, this would make it easier when my friends come over and we want to watch something.

I researched different Tv stands and cabinets for the right one and I stumbled upon one from Ikea for Β£65. It was the perfect height and width for the end of my bed too. So I decided to make a trip to the closest Ikea to where I live and pick it up. I managed to get it back to my house with some help. I also really enjoyed building it, it was only after it was built that I realised I could store my books on there until I bring my other bookcase up.

However, I have now fallen in love with it! I also grabbed some fake and real plants from Ikea which really adds to the homely feel I was going for.

I love reorganising my books and this was so satisfying that all of my TBR books fit perfectly onto three shelves (The Sun and Her Flowers I was reading at the time I was building this). I never knew that something as simple as a tv stand/bookshelf could make a room feel more put together. It has made me very happy.

As always, Happy reading xxx


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