New job equals new books…

Hello bookish friends,

A quick update, I moved house and I started my new job. Both of these things come with their own positives and negatives as I now have a new space to decorate and make homely, but I also have to get along with new housemates and coworkers. I only have my Tbr books up at my new house as I have nearly 500 books overall in my collection so they wouldn’t all fit. Luckily I can still store a lot of my books at my family home for now.

The other positive and negative I get from my new job are that I’m working in a bookstore. This is something I’ve wanted to do for the longest time and I finally get to do it. However, I also get discounted books… this has made my book buying ban fall apart and I have already bought quite a few books in the first few weeks working for my new job. I also can get physical arc’s through my job which is amazing but also does not curb the cutting down of the tbr.

Because of this, I have had to put all of my books on my windowsill for the moment and I’m hoping to move it soon. I am absolutely loving everything about my new house and job at the moment but it’s just the temptation to buy so many books that is my downfall. I cut down my TBR from over 100 to 70 before I started working in a bookstore… and that was only two months on a book buying ban. But now that number has crept back up to 100… from arcs, e-arc’s and physical books.

Despite this, I am absolutely loving the opportunities I get while working in a bookstore!

As always, happy reading xxx

Korie xxx


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