Books I Want To Buy Part 3

Hello, bookish friends

Another blog post and another trip to the bookstore. These are more books that I would really like to pick up. My first two posts in this series can be found on my blog, starting with the first which is here: Books I Want To Buy part 1

This time around I was trying to find books that I hadn’t already put on my list to buy. I have now picked up a few from the first post (including little liar and can you hear me) however there are so many good releases and recommendations that I was spoilt for choice. All of these books were ones that I either liked the synopsis of or had a good recommendation or just liked the cover. I love the UK paperbacks of these books but sometimes it is hard to find the specific book if you have just seen all of the American, Australian and Canadian covers on youtube. These photos are again a document of all the books I would like to pick up in the near future. I also have a few more sci-fi and fantasy books within this collection.


As always, happy reading xxxx


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