Advanced Reader Copies…

Hello bookish friends,

I wanted to update you on something I have been doing recently. I found it very helpful and as a book fanatic I really felt included within the book community. As from the title you can probably guess what it’s about, and that is Advanced Reader Copies from publishers. I always wanted to be a part of the book world where I would be given the opportunity to read ARC’s and write reviews about them before they came out. However, since I am starting a new job in the book world and now have my book blog and so on… I now am able to request ARC’s. I thought at first I would only get one or two ARC’s to review out of the many that I requested. Despite my doubts though, I managed to Aquire 12 in one day, which to me is crazy. Since then I have acquired more and my TBR (to be read) list has grown so much. Most of my Arc’s are ebooks but through my job, I also get physical copies.

I get my arcs from my job but also from:

both websites are great for different reasons and I urge anyone with the time and the passion for books and writing reviews to see if they can acquire some too. Working in the book industry as a bookseller these websites have been a godsend to get a headstart on the new releases. I will also receive arcs from my job when they come in. However, for my own personal benefit, this is great.

As always, happy reading xxx

Korie xx


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