Notes: 1. Born to be a Larve – Boulet

Hello bookish friends,

Synopsis: (translated from French)

In Notes, you will find in the form of mood notes many reflections on everyday life, music, TV, comic strip writers, food in general and expiry in particular, on sex and a bit on Mireille Matthew. All these thoughts come out of my sketchbooks and were used to feed a blog opened in 2004 under the advice of my friends (They found that - I quote - 'it would still be more convenient than your p +++ grouped mails that weigh three tons' ). This first volume is a compilation of the first year, the others will follow shortly. "Boulet


On my graphic novel kick at the moment, I wanted to pick up another translated novel to add to my knowledge and wider reading. I had never heard of Boulet before but I have certainly seen some of his comic strips before. It was interesting looking at the backstage side of Boulet and it has made me interested in the creator rather than the created. It is certainly an interesting read and it was really easy to follow even when it has been translated from French to English. This book also has a lot of detailed graphics elements to it, especially the scenes with the cheese. The illustrations complement the writing really well and I give credit to the translator as there was a lot to do, especially to make it flow in the way it did. I gave this book 4 stars.

As always, happy reading xxx

Korie x


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