Moving My TBR Books

Hello my bookish friends,

I wanted to update you (and also keep a record for myself) of what the process of moving back home with books is like. Mainly the task of moving all of my books home which includes my TBR shelf. This is because I had way too many books at uni and I was never going to read them all by the time I moved out. Which in turn caused a struggle internally of which books I would have to take home.

With readathons on the horizon and a lot of stuff to do for uni I had to choose wisely as any books I took home I wouldn’t be able to bring back. This ended up being over half of my TBR.

At home my bookshelf is pretty full and I was scared I wouldn’t have enough space to lay out my shelves in the way I wanted to with my extra books to include. However, with moving some stuff around I managed to create a whole new shelf for my TBR books. This means that I can keep them separate from my read books.

I chose carefully when looking at my shelves and I ended up being brutally honest with myself about whether I was actually ever going to get round to reading the books of my TBR. This was a struggle but I managed to take a lot of books home and now I am only left with the ones I really want to read.

A lot more of my books I can take home, however i wanted to have a variety of different genres and themes still on my bookshelf at uni because I am very much a mood reader. I cannot stick to a TBR very well as my taste could completely change from one book to the next.

I am left with 31 books left on my uni bookshelves and I know that is an excessive amount for the little time I have left in my flat. Although one good thing about doing this is that my bookcase is all together again. It is so nice to be able to see what I have read next to what I have to read. It makes my reading experience worthwhile because I experience so many emotions looking back at my read books.

I am now on a book buying ban as I cannot physically fill up my TBR shelf anymore as moving out will be tough as it is without adding more books and weight to the mix. It is sad to see my bookshelves slowly deteriorating at uni but it will be a lot easier to move out if most of my books are already at home.

This is one of the first photos I took of my bookshelf when I started collecting a lot more books. I didn’t realise that my spending habit would become a bit of a problem with books.

I am also very apprehensive about going back to my family home as I am afraid I won’t get as much time to read in the real world. Uni is a slightly make believe world where you move out and live your own life. Although you still have a lot of free time after doing assignments in reality. Also no siblings at uni is a big plus for getting reading done.

As always, happy reading xxx


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