Cheaper Bookstores to shop

Hello bookish friends,

I wanted to share with you the places I like to shop in the UK to get offers on my books. This is how I collect so many books and have such a bad habit when spending money. In Kingston, there are only a few places to actually get books. These are the charity shops and the works. Luckily Kingston is home to an Oxfam bookstore which is a godsend for me as I have found some beautiful books there. Including my copy of the Night Circus (Uk Halloween edition) I have also found some signed copies of books in there. It is a great place if you want a discount on books because everything is second hand. I always donate books too, and that I will not read anymore gets dropped off in one of their stores.

However lets start with the works, It is mainly a stationary/odds and ends store with art supplies and many odd things that you can pick up. However, they have a wonderful selection of books all 3 for Ā£5 which is lovely. This is good especially if you want holiday reads, something that you don’t mind taking away with you and leaving behind at the end if your suitcase becomes too full. There are a lot of romance and contemporary books as well as a lot of thrillers. Once in a while, you can find a book that is a relatively new release within the store too.

I also must mention their box sets of books. These are wonderful and you can normally pick up a box set of paperbacks for really cheap prices. All of the Game of Thrones books are in a set for Ā£30 in there which is a huge bargain. Same with the Cassandra Clare Shadowhunters boxset for Ā£12 I have got a few boxsets from here in the past. Including my Heroes of Olympus Rick Riordan set. So it is certainly worth a pop in to find out f they have a boxset you may enjoy.

Next is Oxfam, as I mentioned previously they have a wonderful selection of books and every few weeks there are more on the shelves that I want to buy. I have a big thing about the spines of books not being cracked (unless I have used them for Uni) because I like my shelves to look pristine. I was quite apprehensive about second-hand books as I had a notion that all of the books would have cracked spines. However, I was very wrong about that. If you look carefully enough within the bookshelves there are always some beautiful books hidden among the shelves. Also, the Kingston store has laid out their shelves very well. They have a good selection of children and YA books. Along with classics, poetry, Adult, Sifi, Fantasy and every other genre you can imagine. For such a small store they have done a lot with it.

Oxfam is also a charity so all donations from book sales go to a good cause.



I hope this helps anyone looking for discounted books and also I hope it encourages more people to have a look out for charity bookstores and their local independent bookstores too.

As always, happy reading xxx


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