Coin Toss For BookTubeAThon Challenge One

Hello, bookish friends…

So The Readathon is here and it is time for me to complete the first challenge…

1/ Let a coin toss decide your first read.
Little Liar – Julia Gray or The Truth and Lies of Ella Black – Emily Barr 

Both books are roughly the same amount of pages in length however Little liar seems like it may be a quicker read. Just my perception of it anyway. I picked these both up fairly recently and I tried to pick them up in the Biannual Bibliothon but I didn’t end up getting the time to complete the challenge these were for.

Little Liar was certainly a cover buy, I cannot get over how beautiful this book is. It is so vibrant and simple. However The Truth and Lies of Ella Black was a book that I had seen floating around for a while and I ended up picking up an uncorrected proof of the book pretty cheaply.

I had no expectations when going into this challenge and I wanted to read both of these books the same amount. So when I finally chose which book was heads and which was tails I was fine with the choice. Heads was Little Liar and tails was TTALOEB, the coin landed on Little Liar and I was pretty happy with the choice. I was worried that once I had flipped the coin I would have realised I wanted to read the other book more. However, that was not the case for me.

The readathon is from the 30th JULY until 5th AUGUST 

All the details can be found below in my previous blog post explaining all the relevant information and the links where you can find out more.

BookTubeAThon Reading TBR 2018

As always, happy reading xxxx


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