Heroes of Olympus, The Lost Hero – Rick Riordan

The Lost Hero (The Heroes of Olympus, #1)The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Old enemies awaken as Camp Half-Blood’s new arrivals prepare for war.

When Jason, Piper and Leo crash land at Camp Half-Blood, they have no idea what to expect. Apparently, this is the only safe place for children of the Greek Gods – despite the monsters roaming the woods and demigods practising archery with flaming arrows and explosives. But rumours of a terrible curse – and a missing hero – are flying around camp. It seems Jason, Piper and Leo are the chosen ones to embark on a terrifying new quest, which they must complete by the winter solstice. In just four days time. Can the trio succeed on this deadly mission – and what must they sacrifice in order to survive?


My initial reaction to this book was to buy it straight after reading the Percy Jackson series as I had fallen in love with the world last year. However, I then got wrapped up in the two books about heroes and gods that Rick Riordan made in between the two series. I got bored and eventually moved onto other books.
However earlier this year I found the complete set of the series for £8 which was amazing! So I decided I would carry on with the series.
When I first picked up this book I was unsure whether I would like it and if I would easily fall back into the world. I was not wrong in many aspects as my apprehension made me a little unnerved by the new characters and I had completely forgotten all the small details of the previous books. Although after a while I got back into the rhythm of Ricks writing and got to grips with the plot and the old/new characters. It was such an interesting read, however, I did notice I didn’t laugh in this one as much as I have done previously with Percy Jackson. I still had a little giggle every now and again but I hope it picks up more as I get introduced to new and old characters.
I am also not sure about the whole roman/Greek thing as it’s a little jarring to read. However, it is growing on me and I’m hoping the next book will solidify my ideas and doubts about it. Everyone that likes Percy Jackson seems to love these books as a continuation so I will give them a strong chance.
This wasn’t a bad book at all and I loved a lot of things within it. However, it was a little expected and the plot twists didn’t have much of an effect on me which is why I didn’t give this book 5 stars. Although it could just be the mood I was in while reading the book as I had high hopes for this series as I remember loving the Percy Jackson series a lot.

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