Can You Hear Me? – Elena Varvello

Can You Hear Me?Can You Hear Me? by Elena Varvello

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ponte, a small community in Northern Italy: peaceful woods, discarded rubbish, a closed-down factory. An unbearably hot summer, like so many others–wilted flowers and trips to the waterfalls.

Elia Furenti is sixteen, living in a secluded house with his parents, a life so unremarkable that even its moderate unhappiness has been accepted as normal. Then a new friend arrives in Ponte, firmly propelling Elia to the edge of adulthood, and everything starts to unravel.

Elia’s father, Ettore, is let go from his job, and he begins to lose himself in the darkest corners of his mind. A young boy is murdered, shaking the small community to its core. And a girl climbs into a van and vanishes in the deep, dark woods . . .


Can You Hear Me was such an interesting read. I have never read a book that has been translated from Italian (that I know of) and I enjoyed it immensely. It was gripping and intriguing all the way through and every chapter the plot thickens. It wasn’t my favourite thriller I have ever read but it was certainly a quick read that I could easily read again.
I am very glad I am picking up more adult books recently because they have all been brilliant. It was such a unique experience to read Can You Hear Me and I am happy I picked it up and read it quickly. I didn’t want it to clutter up my shelves for a long time. I am now left with a lot of questions and an emptiness which I get when I read a lot of Thrillers so maybe its time to pick up something happier for my next read.

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