Book Unhauling

Books are my escape and because of this I hoard them. For a long time I thought I could just collect as many books as I could then when I was older I could have my own library. However recently I have realised I have no room on my shelves and I wanted to have nice bookshelves rather than just stacked up horizontally. I have over 400 books and this causes some issues. Especially my to be read list which is around 85 books.

It took a long while for me to pa4t with my books, even the ones I didn’t particularly like. Mainly because there are very few books I have hated in my life. Recently I had a hard look at my shelves though and realised that it was time for a change.

I removed a lot of books that I had read in my early teens including the vampire diaries, the hush hush series, Angel, Shiver, Linger, Ballad, The Scorpio races, A series of unfortunate events and a lot of others. All of these I have liked at one point in my life but now I have realised that I am never going to pick them up again. My tastes have changed as I have got older and even though I have kept many books from my childhood I decided these had to go.

I ended up unhauling 30+ books and it ended up being a great feeling. It meant I could organise my shelves the way I wanted and not have to worry about space saving. All of my books can now be portrait and I can even have my favourite books displayed the way I want them to.

My to be read shelf is at university with me and I have my read shelves at home. I have a big problem of buying books and I am moving out of my flat at university soon so I certainly needed space at home. I have also now managed to organise my tbr shelves nicely at uni though. Since this photo was taken I have also cut down my books on these shelves too.


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