Gemina and Obsidio – Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Gemina and Obsidio are two books that I fell in love with and this whole series has made me so happy and intrigued by the writing style. I read Illuminae last year and had a big gap between putting that book down and starting Gemina, mainly because life got in the way and Gemina was such a big book. However, I was so glad when I finally had the time recently to pick this up as I could not put it down. After reading Gemina I then went straight on to read Obsidio.

Gemina for me was a little cliche of boy meets girl, It followed the same sort of structure as the first book in this series and it was slightly disappointing for the first 200 pages. A strong heroine and then her romantic interest, but I still pushed through the rest of the book and I am so glad I did, once I got through that beginning section and fell back into the swing of the writing and structure I fell in love, I was rooting for the characters and the plot was really engaging. This drew me in so much that as soon as I finished Gemina I had to pick up Obsidio.

Obsidio was a breath of fresh air, yes there was romantic interest but the book wasn’t centred around their romance. It had so many different character perspectives and information that I had to carry on to find out what happened to certain characters. It was such a good ending to the series and all three were such an amazing concept. I have never read a series that includes so much more than just novel text. It was amazing and has given me a new perspective on how novels can be written.

I gave Gemina four stars on Goodreads and Obsidio five stars.


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