Turtles all the way down – John Green

John Green’s new novel is an enlightening step into how an Author can influence his writing on a personal level. Delving into the world of OCD, spirals and mental health is normally a touchy subject for many authors as many of YA authors tend to generalise or focus on one aspect of mental health. This is mainly because YA is meant to skim over things like this and most of the time it ends with a happy resolve. However John Green treats everyone as an adult within this novel, the deep insight into Aza’s mind shows the reader how mental health can affect a person whether they are fictional or not. John Green also brings to light the reality of a character and makes the character question their fictionalisation, this in turn makes the reader aware that there is some truth behind the writing.

Every person will take away something different from this book and as an English Literature student this would be a great book to analyse. Even though the plot could be expanded in some area’s the whole aspect of delving deep into a characters mind is a great concept and it grips the reader and makes them learn more about mental illness or recognise some qualities of the characters within themselves.

I also loved the way other characters reacted to Aza within the novel as it wasn’t a happy go lucky story, within the reactions you get a sense of realism. For example Daisy’s reaction could be classed as mean and insensitive within most novels, but the fluidity of the novel makes it seem real and you can understand her character more for it.

The thing i loved most about this novel is the ending, I loved that it became reality and it did not stop at they got together and fell in love THE END because that isn’t what happens in real life. It was a satisfying ending to a great book and i will certainly re-read with an analytical mindset.


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